The club focuses on supporting its club member's transition from the graduate programs at the Sauder School of Business to a career within management consulting. The club consists of members who are interested in boutique, local or specialized firms as well as those interested in larger multi-disciplinary or strategy firm.


The club ensures that each department, event, workshop or panel event allows our members to gain deeper awareness of management consulting. This includes providing insight into what is expected of you, what kinds of work to expect and what the long term career paths look like.  


Throughout the year the club will post networking or recruiting events that you should be aware of. The executive team will tap into our rich pool of Sauder Alumni to provide workshops or be a guest interviewer during case prep sessions.

Most importantly, Sauder MCC will put on its own guest speaking or panel events, bringing in specific individuals from the top firms our club members aspire to be a part of. 


 Sauder MCC provides members multiple avenues to develop the skills required to succeed as a consultant, including SCG. 
Sauder MCC also provide case preparation, interview practice sessions and resume reviews for those members that want to improve their candidacy when applying to traditional management consulting firms.